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We are looking to redo our backyard and looking for someone that can build a retaining wall and resurface our concrete. We call several landscapers and Chot is the only one that gave us a quick quote (on the same day). We felt his quote was fair and we also feel comfortable talking with him so we decided to go with him. They demolished the old retaining wall and build a new beautiful retaining wall. He also resurface the old concrete and make it like new. He also helped us chose the right trees and flowers and help plant those trees. He and his son Bill were working hard on our backyard to make it beautiful. They also help us with the front yard by planting the flowers and setting up the sprinkler system. If you are looking for someone to help you with your front and back yard projects, do not hesitate to give them a call. You won't be disappointed.

Antonius W.


We selected this company after interviewing three companies and comparing their bids for our front and back yards to install pavers, retaining walls, stairs, drip irrigation, rock garden, and fake grass. Hands down Billton's bid was the most budget-friendly and workable. From start to finish, he and his team worked very hard, were accommodating, and professional. It was a tremendous amount of work given the scope of the project and the size of our yards. We are very satisfied with the end product. Billton also added at his own expense underground electrical conduit tubes in case we ever wanted to fish electrical wiring through them to bring power to the back parts of our yard for future lighting--that was nice of him to do that for us! Finally, I can't say enough about Billton's responsiveness to my calls and texts during the project--he was always polite and eager to help or resolve issues. Attached are before and after photos.

Neah H.


One word to sum up our experience with Oriental Landscape - Excellent! We asked many landscapers to provide an estimate for the work we needed in our backyard however most of them provided a bloated estimate until we met Chot (Owner). He did a great job for our neighbor and we got his contact from them. Chot was very patient with us when we explained our need. We wanted our landscaper to be a help rather than a contract by book guy and Chot proved every worth of it. He was very involved in how our landscape looked and how he thought would look good. He made great suggestion during the course of the work and wasn't afraid of changing anything if it didn't turn out as expected! Very very accommodating, skilled and helpful workmanship! I would highly recommend Oriental landscape to anyone looking for a good work!

Amol G.


Our neighbor was having one of their big tree's cut down from their backyard. We had been meaning to also have our tree cut down too so we went to the lead gardner, Jose and he was very nice offering a great quote mentioning that he could do the work that afternoon. He had a team of 7 and we ended up having all the trees bushes and shrubs removed. Very professional and all done within a few hours. Highly recommend if you need any tree/shrub removing at your home.

Stephanie J.


In 1999, my husband and I had Chot landscape a backyard on a new construction house we had purchased in San Ramon. Though we've had many homes/yards over the years the one that Chot designed and installed is our favorite...hands down! It still makes me smile to remember the overall beauty and the special touches he created. He transformed a dirt yard into a tranquil work of art that we enjoyed for years and received many compliments on. I came onto Yelp today in an attempt to find a landscaper in the Foothills (Rocklin) as that's where we currently live. Just for fun I looked up Chot and was thrilled to see that he and his son are still in the business and delighting their clients. I only wish I was in the Bay Area so I could use him again:=)

RJ. H.


Oriental Landscaping is the BEST! Chot and Bilson provided one of the best experiences I had ever had with a landscaping company. They were very professional, and their work was excellent. They created a Japanese Garden that looks wonderful in my front yard. . They also did work in my backyard that makes it look brand new. They are very easy to work with. Any request they help fulfil to make sure my yard looked its best. I highly recommend them for all of your landscaping needs.

Gary L.


Oriental Landscaping is the BEST thing that happened to my front yard!!!! Both Chot and his son Bilton created a beautiful front yard. They are professional and so creative!!. Chot was thoughtful, patient and involved me in his creative process. My front yard has never looked better!. They are very reasonable, excellent workmanship. I would highly recommend Oriental landscape to anyone looking for great work!!.

Lalitha R.


After browsing and searching through landscaping ideas, we decided exactly how we envisioned our yard to look like. The only problem was finding someone who we could trust to do the job right. Luckily we found Chot Nguyen who happens to be the owner of Homerico. After speaking over the phone he drove over to take a look at the yard and gave us an estimate, the price-point was very fair, once he started it took less than a week to get everything done and WOW, it looks amazing! he focused on sustainable and low maintenance plants which are to our surprise still alive and actually blooming. His quality of work is top notch, and they have respect for your property as they clean thoroughly after each day of work. Definitely will be using his services again.

Phil E.

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Client Testimonials

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After being disappointed by an unlicensed landscaper in the past, we were a bit gunshy. So this time, we played it safe and went with someone who has a bona fide state license. I'm soooo glad we did! We found Chot Nguyen, sole owner & operator, on Craigslist and called him for an estimate. We were looking for someone to do general clean-up and fall pruning/beefing up of our back yard (assorted grasses, more than a dozen roses bushes and four fruit trees) which we'd neglected for at least the past 9 months. We also needed to re-do our front "yard" - and I use that word loosely since we are in the SF Sunset district, where the front is really only three strips of plantable area - and give it some curb appeal. Chot came out to do the estimate and it was clear he knew his stuff. He gave us a written estimate right then and there, detailing the work, the number of new plants and the drip irrigation work we wanted. The prices were totally reasonable so we signed right then and there and gave a deposit. (I also loved that he followed state law and didn't ask for more than 10% or $1000, whichever is LESS) He started a couple of days later, and with the help of his son (love the family business aspect) was done in two days!! TWO days! Amazing! He selected the exact kinds & colors of plants and river rock we'd envisioned, did a great job with the drip system, and was very respectful of our property. He cleaned everything up when he was done, and hauled away all the debris. As if that wasn't good enough - he called us the next day to say he was worried he had missed one spigot on the drip system in the back yard and asked if he could come back to check on it! Unbelievable. He came back, checked it, tweaked it, and did another double-check of everything. He's definitely a pro and a perfectionist. I would recommend him to anybody. This has been one of our best experiences with a contractor!

Teri T